When Windows and Interior Design Intersect

Obviously, you can’t just leave your windows uncovered. That would make your house naked. Anyone could just walk by and observe your private life as they wished. But when it comes time to cover your windows, it is best that there are veiled by the right shutters. As always, interior design requires attention to detail, awareness of your surroundings, and at least some aesthetic inclination.

When to Buy Sun Shades

Sunshades are actually the oldest known apparatus for blind and shutter technology. The benefit is that they look outstanding and are extremely durable, but the downside is that they are an all or nothing screen. Transparency cannot be adjusted like their non-shade counterparts. Those who want a modern feel to their home, and don’t mind managing their natural light on an all or nothing basis should seriously consider sun shades.

Wood Shades

These give the home natural look. If you already have flagstone tiles, indoor plants, and wide open spaces, wooden shades are a great option. The only problem is that they offer almost no insulation, and thus, they do little to conserve energy.

Standard Honeycomb Shades

This is the vanilla flavor of blind and shade world. Essentially, you can’t go wrong by adorning your home’s windows with honeycomb window shades. They will block light from permeating your windows while at the same time keeping you home cool and protected.

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