The Coffee Table, an Axis around which Everything Revolves

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The coffee table very may be the third most important piece of furniture in the house, only behind the bed and couch. Magazines are placed on the coffee table, it is used as leg support, and conversations revolve around it. Indeed the coffee table is the crown Jewel of the living around, the axis around which everything rotates. To shortchange your living room with a sub-par coffee table would be to short change yourself.

The first known coffee table was created by E.W Godwin, an anarchist philosopher and apparently a carpenter. He distinguished the coffee table from a regular table by its low legs, keeping it close to the ground. The low level nature of the coffee table facilitated a liberal and intimate vibe due to the fact that the surrounding occupant’s entire body was visible. However, it was not until the 19th century that Coffee tables gained widespread popularity. King Louis XVI placed a coffee table in the center of his court, and was fond of inviting several guest over, drinking wine, and enjoying a good nature conversation.

And today the function of the coffee table is the same as it was for King Louis XVI. Families, guests, and strangers crowd around the coffee table and T.V. to enjoy the gift of gab. Essentially, a living room without a coffee table is like a family without a mother—lacking the center.

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