Spring Style Bedroom

It’s that time of year again, the birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and people are revivified by the promise of spring. While you’re planning your spring cleaning tactics, you should also consider remodeling your bedroom, in order to bring a bit of light into your world.

Spring style designing helps facilitate the feeling of youth. Your interior design should reflect the exterior. Meaning, you want your room to look like spring. Bright colors such as light blue, and sandy brown help create the illusion that one is outside amidst the warm spring sun.

You should also consider furniture that highlights the virtues of spring. We offer flower styled chairs, lily striped bed spreads, and butterfly pillows. Also consider lighting options that include pink styled foundations, and colorful lamp patterns. Your home décor and interior design should encourage you to spend all your time outside time, ironically.

You should also consider rug choices when redecorating a room with the invigorating thought of youth in mind. A rug can be the perfect way to frame your bed and add to the ambience of the room. A nice bright green rug will surely bring to mind the rolling green hills of spring. Maybe try a rug with a few flowers sewn into it. This also calls to mind images of spring. Lastly, consider an all blue rug with lily pads on it. Nothing says spring like a good old reminder of the pond you captured frogs at when you were young.

But in order to take a comprehensive approach to design, all the olfactory senses ought to be engaged. The olfactory senses are usually neglected. Try to bring a bit of that summer rain scent into your room, or perhaps ocean mist. Regardless, spring design should remind you of the joy and energy the season of spring brings to all.

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