Small Kitchen Design

At Contemporary Furniture Liquidator, we offer a wide array of furniture for remodeling your kitchen. Installing suspended lightning, utilizing innovative bar stools, and creating an environment in which one can dine is our highest hope. Below are a few things to spark the creative juices while remodeling your kitchen.

White Cabinets

Although cabinets are technically not considered furniture, it is wise to consider remodeling them in order to accentuate the interior design of the kitchen. White cabinets are an excellent choice because they bring more light into the room, and create the illusion of space. Moreover, white cabinets create the perfect opportunity to employ posh barstools and illustrious dining room tables.

Monochromatic Designs

If you are attempting to appear sleek, or post-modern, a monochromatic design is an excellent way to accomplish this goal. Try painting the walls and the cabinets the same color in varying degrees of shading. If it is done correctly, it will be almost appear as if the same color is an entirely different one. Moreover, monochromatic designs create a futuristic, innovative feel. A great way to impress dinner guests.

Bar Stools

With the exception of the kitchen table, the bar stool is perhaps the single most important component to the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. Bar stools come in a myriad of styles, shapes, sizes, and designs. It’s important to match up the bar stool to the rest of the kitchen. Try to create a theme or pattern that is clearly apparent in your kitchen design

Kitchen Table

A kitchen table relates to your kitchen like shoes do to your outfit. It is the most important part. When selecting a dining room table think about how it frames the rest of the kitchen. For instance, if you are trying for a postmodern appeal, then a glass, sleek table is ideal. Attempt to accentuate the theme of your kitchen and bring out the best in it.


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