Scandinavian Furniture

In case you need a refresher in Geography, Scandinavia is comprised of the countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland—the countries north of Germany, England and France.  In the 50’s these countries pioneered a shift towards a new style of interior decorating known as minimalism and functionality. Between 1951 and 1970 some of the finest specimens of Scandinavian furnishing were produced, and it changed the landscape of modern interior decoration.

Modernism, Minimalism, and Functionalism

These terms are all interrelated. Modernism is the era in which the styles of minimalism and functionalism had their genesis. Most scholars of art agree that modernism refers to the time period following WW1, in which a departure from richness, and opulence, were exchanged for a minimalist sleek style of art. Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises is one such example: short sentences, simple words, and yet a beautiful work of art capable of melting the hardest hearts.

This pattern is reflected in interior design as well, specifically Scandinavian furniture. Elaborate colors and designs are traded for a design style that comes together like a good chess match, every piece supports the other. Moreover, the coloring of furniture departed from loud, kaleidoscopic designs to dull single colors that had a purpose. For instance, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin was built in the midst of a thick forest, and Wright colored the master bedroom entirely oak brown. With the rooms windows opened, the color choice gave the impression that the room and the woods were one. Indeed, lines were blurred between what was outside and inside, natural and unnatural.

Creating the Modern Vibe

Scandinavian furniture is the perfect option for bringing your house into the modern era. We have a wide selection to choose from, in order to make your house a bright example of minimalism and functionality. Just in case the notion of modernism is still vague think of a room with a mattress sans box spring, lit evenly by overhanging steal lights, all encompassed in a room only sleek grey and red.

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