Kitchen Design 101

At Contemporary Furniture we offer the latest and greatest in contemporary design. This includes living room furniture, bedroom furniture, and kitchen furniture. The latter includes stools, tables, and pictures to bring out the best en la cocina. Although all our sales reps are designers on the side, and are more than equipped to assist you with design, we encourage all out customers to enjoy the thrill of embarking on an interior design project. Below are a few tips to help you out.

Modern Monochromatic Design

Decorating your home with one color scheme is all the rage in modern design. Sleek blacks and grays, whites and blacks, or greys and white are hip. The idea of modern design is make things look suave without being flamboyant. Indeed, our culture waived goodbye to the 80’s quite some time ago.


Although we do not sell cabinets, they should help determine what kitchen furniture you purchase. For instance, if you have white cabinets, you may want to consider sleek metallic barstools to bring out the beaming glow of a pristine white kitchen. What’s more, white cabinets accompanied by a glass table with sleek metallic chairs will create the illusion of space.

Kitchen Table

Consider the kitchen table the axis around which the rest of the kitchen revolves. If you’re looking for a modern design—which we assume you do—then you want glass. Indeed, the old homey, roomie look of wood tables, plastic plants, and knickknacks galore is all but gone. Minimalism, functionalism, and utilitarian design is here to stay. The idea is every piece of furniture works in harmony with the curvature of your walls, the color of your furniture, and the position of your windows. If you don’t get it then come by the store and one of our sales reps will help you accomplish a modern design.

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