Getting Down To Basics With Modern And Contemporary Furniture

Getting Down To Basics With Modern And Contemporary Furniture

From transitional furniture to eclectic furniture and traditional furniture as well as a host of other styles and designs, furniture comes in a wide array of choices. With that said, one of the best ways to achieve impressive results in virtually any room in a house is to choose modern and contemporary furniture. While other furniture styles have much to offer, modern and contemporary furniture is a unique and innovative way to change the entire dynamics of any interior space.

Signature Rounded Corners And Designs

Modern and contemporary furniture is special in many ways including the fact that it is streamlined and features industrial looking styles that are reflective of early 20th century creations. Contemporary furniture is reminiscent of speed and efficiency and is noted by its signature rounded corners and designs that are sweeping in horizontal fashion. In many cases contemporary furniture is composed of chrome, steel, tinted glass or plastic. These materials are often used as a sharp contrast against darker pale wood type furnishings.

Added Functionality

In addition, a contemporary look is often accentuated by sleek upholstery that is composed of either fabric or leather. Contrary to popular belief the terms modern and contemporary are not the same. They are notably different in many ways. For example, contemporary furniture is composed of convenient and clean elements where functionality is often built into furniture pieces. From a sofa that has built-in drink holders to tables with added functionality, the possibilities are endless with regard to contemporary furniture. Equally impressive is the fact that this type of furniture makes use of curved lines and dark deep wood tones.

Innovative Geometric Patterns

Other unique aspects of contemporary furniture include the generous use of frosted glass, stainless steel and even chrome type accents. This combined with natural textures in the actual upholstery that includes everything from leather to wool and silk as well as linen and cotton, makes contemporary furniture an excellent choice for virtually any type of interior space. Bright and exciting colors along with innovative geometric patterns are often incorporated into a wide variety of accent furniture pieces that are designed to take a room to the next important level. Finally, accent pillows, rugs and wall art can also be integrated into a contemporary interior design look. Contact Contemporary Furniture Liquidator today for Phoenix discount furniture that always looks great.

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