Finding the Sofa for your Living Room

When it comes to furniture, everyone has tough decisions to make. But usually the old maxim “the man doesn’t choose the career the career chooses the man applies.” So it the same when selecting a sofa. Often times the person walks into our furniture store and a connection between the sofa and the person is immediately established.

Lifestyle Clues

We tell our sales rep to assess the client before suggesting any furniture. Often times life style clues reveal what furniture should be purchased. For instance, single people tend to gravitate towards suave leather coaches whereas married couples and families look for wide, large couches to accommodate the family members. But also, daily patterns are important. If you are someone who enjoys movie nights, then having a large pillow sofa may be idea.

Building Around What’s There

A good designer doesn’t try and fit a square peg into a round hole. One ought to assess the home first, and determine what the central features are. Maybe there’s a large window in the middle of the room that gives your home a modern feel. Well than, you might want a nice white couch to bring light and space into the home, a staple of modern and postmodern design.

Room Size and Budge

Of course, you want to make sure that your home can fit the house of your dreams. You wouldn’t want to start you family on 10/hr and you don’t want to buy your dream couch if your living in a one bedroom shack. Regardless, everyone ought to assess their own individuals needs and take things from there.

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