Decorating Post-Modern Style

Modern furniture is in align with modern design and architecture. Usually, architectural style and design reflects the culture that created it. Modernism has its genesis in the emphasis we place on functionality, minimalism, and utility. The later means maximizing the efficiency of every component involved in a whole. In other words, everything has a purpose. Functionality and minimalism are similar. They deal with wasting nothing and making sure every element has a purpose. Below are a few tips for facilitating post-modern design.

White Space on the Walls

The beauty of modern design is that the absence of space can be utilized for aesthetic appeal. So for instance, when decorating a home, what you leave out is as important as what you add. Spaces between pictures can maximize the beauty of the pictures themselves. Perhaps you leave an entire wall blank because it has windows overlooking the city. This will create the appearance that the windows, and what they overlook are pieces of art.

Choosing the Correct Furniture

Choosing the right furniture involves working with the rest of your home. You want the sleek, bends and angles of your furniture to blend into the contours and edges of your domicile. For instance, a square coffee table would require a boxed, angular couch. Perhaps you have a unique oval coffee table. You might want to accompany that table with a unique T shaped couch that has a built in foot stool laying low to the ground to bring about the unconventional design of your house.


This is the simplest concept to grasp when trying to decorate post-modern style. Basically, you want to keep colors consistent and avoid bright vibrant colors. Sleek greys, luminous whites, and dark blacks are the favorites of most modern designers. But if you need any help decorating your home, stop on by contemporary furniture and one of our sales reps can assist you with your decorating needs.

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