Decorating a Studio Apartment

There comes a time in every bachelor’s life, when they decide they’ve had enough of their roommates, they decide they are a natural lone wolf, and thus, a studio apartment or loft is the only option. Studio apartments pose the unique opportunity to flex your creative muscles, as you choose the right furniture and design for your studio, superbly.

Color Schemes

Choosing the right color is always the first step for optimal room design. In a previous blog we grazed on the effect that color has on moods. For instance, blue tends to promote tranquility and focus; red promotes passion; and yellow promotes optimism. But it’s important to consider that most people choose neutral colors, exempli gratis light-brown, beiges, light gray, or off-white. Avoid dark colors because they can make a room feel small. Whatever you chose, keep in mind that furniture should roughly match the wall color.

Optimal Bed Positioning

Your bed should never be in the center of a room. It should always be adjacent to a wall, away from a window, facing the door. Positioning a bed so that the sleeper faces the door was thought to ward off evil spirits in medieval times. Moreover, practically speaking, positioning the bed against the wall with a clear view of the door allows individuals to defend against intruders. Keep in mind space is the name of the game when positioning a bed in a studio apartment. Space is indeed the greatest deficiency of the studio apartment design, thus, it is wise to downplay it.

Creating Rooms

Studio apartments and lofts are basically just one room. But the tenant can create the illusion of different rooms by creating themes according to the areas of the studio or loft. Using similar furniture and decoration in specific areas of the house, such as the kitchen, living room, and bedroom, can create the illusion that there’re actually three separate rooms in the house.


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