Decorating a Studio Apartment

There comes a time in every bachelor’s life, when they decide they’ve had enough of their roommates, they decide they are a natural lone wolf, and thus, a studio apartment or loft is the only option. Studio apartments pose the unique opportunity to flex your creative muscles, as you choose the right furniture and design for your studio, superbly.

Color Schemes

Choosing the right color is always the first step for optimal room design. In a previous blog we grazed on the effect that color has on moods. For instance, blue tends to promote tranquility and focus; red promotes passion; and yellow promotes optimism. But it’s important to consider that most people choose neutral colors, exempli gratis light-brown, beiges, light gray, or off-white. Avoid dark colors because they can make a room feel small. Whatever you chose, keep in mind that furniture should roughly match the wall color.

Optimal Bed Positioning

Your bed should never be in the center of a room. It should always be adjacent to a wall, away from a window, facing the door. Positioning a bed so that the sleeper faces the door was thought to ward off evil spirits in medieval times. Moreover, practically speaking, positioning the bed against the wall with a clear view of the door allows individuals to defend against intruders. Keep in mind space is the name of the game when positioning a bed in a studio apartment. Space is indeed the greatest deficiency of the studio apartment design, thus, it is wise to downplay it.

Creating Rooms

Studio apartments and lofts are basically just one room. But the tenant can create the illusion of different rooms by creating themes according to the areas of the studio or loft. Using similar furniture and decoration in specific areas of the house, such as the kitchen, living room, and bedroom, can create the illusion that there’re actually three separate rooms in the house.


Remodeling the Office

Purchasing furniture for your business and remodeling the office can be an exciting experience, which is sure to boost company moral. At Contemporary Furniture Liquidator, we are happy to share a few tips that can enhance the already rewarding experience.

Collaboration is Key

When remodeling any area of the office, for instance the conference room, it is best to ask for everyone’s opinion. Collaboration can bring the team closer together, which in turn will increase productivity and profit. Also, consider adding additional furniture that forms a unique break room for brainstorming and team building.

Choosing the Right Color

There are studies indicating that color makes all the difference. For instance, blue tends to promote a calming feeling, which boost productivity and efficiency. Other colors such as yellow and white promote a positive mood, and increase concentration. Red, tends to promote aggression and passion, which may be perfect for a marketing firm or graphic design company. Regardless, color is everything and you should make sure to consider this when remodeling a room.

Removing Clutter

While working on an interior design project, sometimes, less is more. Keep the office adherent to a minimalistic, functionalism style. This means only utilizing furniture that is necessary, and arranging it in such a way that the whole room works together. Working in an environment unfettered by clutter will no doubt make you more productive.

In summation, it’s important to keep the team involved when redesigning an office. Even if you have a pre-envisaged home interior design in mind, it doesn’t hurt to ask for your team member’s opinion, for it is likely that they will appreciate the gesture. Most importantly, always have fun whenever you’re remodeling a room. You want to usher a remodeled room into the world with positive energy. Thus, it will maintain those vibes until it’s remodeled again.

Scandinavian Furniture

In case you need a refresher in Geography, Scandinavia is comprised of the countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland—the countries north of Germany, England and France.  In the 50’s these countries pioneered a shift towards a new style of interior decorating known as minimalism and functionality. Between 1951 and 1970 some of the finest specimens of Scandinavian furnishing were produced, and it changed the landscape of modern interior decoration.

Modernism, Minimalism, and Functionalism

These terms are all interrelated. Modernism is the era in which the styles of minimalism and functionalism had their genesis. Most scholars of art agree that modernism refers to the time period following WW1, in which a departure from richness, and opulence, were exchanged for a minimalist sleek style of art. Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises is one such example: short sentences, simple words, and yet a beautiful work of art capable of melting the hardest hearts.

This pattern is reflected in interior design as well, specifically Scandinavian furniture. Elaborate colors and designs are traded for a design style that comes together like a good chess match, every piece supports the other. Moreover, the coloring of furniture departed from loud, kaleidoscopic designs to dull single colors that had a purpose. For instance, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin was built in the midst of a thick forest, and Wright colored the master bedroom entirely oak brown. With the rooms windows opened, the color choice gave the impression that the room and the woods were one. Indeed, lines were blurred between what was outside and inside, natural and unnatural.

Creating the Modern Vibe

Scandinavian furniture is the perfect option for bringing your house into the modern era. We have a wide selection to choose from, in order to make your house a bright example of minimalism and functionality. Just in case the notion of modernism is still vague think of a room with a mattress sans box spring, lit evenly by overhanging steal lights, all encompassed in a room only sleek grey and red.

Put Money in Your Pocket, Tips on Saving Money When Buying Furniture

Furniture can make or break a room. That yin and yang table you purchased in college may have looked good in your fraternity, but now it just sits in your living room completely out of place in the adult world. If you or anyone you know is in a similar situation to this, then we at contemporary furniture advise you to replace that silly piece of furniture immediate. If you are content with the yin and yang table than come visit us anyways, because we have several hip furniture options to choose from that would steal the heart of Frank the Tank from Old School.

Direct Orders

Factory direct orders are gaining increasing popularity. The use of warehouses allows the manufacturer to cut out the middle man and deliver the furniture directly to the customer. Large conglomerates like IKEA employ this method. However, they sacrifice price for quality. We do not. Essentially, contemporary furniture is an IKEA with style. The direct Warehouse business model can potentially save the customer thousands of dollars. Consumers looking to spend big or buyers with a tight budget will both be satisfied with the selection and saving we offer.

A Wide Selection

Not only does buying directly from a Warehouse save money, but it also offers the consumer a wider array of options to choose from. Selections of coffee tables, couches, lamps, dressers, patio furniture, dining tables, and bar accessories are almost limitless. Our customers find that the biggest obstacle they face when purchasing furniture from Contemporary Furniture is considering only good deals, and trying to find the best. Indeed, we are culpable for causing indecision in our consumers. However, we are content with this notion because we know that the indecision is worth the savings granted to customers, on some of the highest quality furniture imaginable.

The Benefits of Hanging Wall Art

It is said that things with depth and complexity tend to enrich the lives of everything they come in contact with. Indeed art is one such example. Aristotle claims that art makes a room beautiful because it adds additional space to a room, and additional material to engage the senses. Indeed, Aristotle is correct. A bland room comprised solely of four walls is akin to a prison cell. People like to be around beautiful things. In fact, studies show that art, colors, and symmetrical shapes promote a greater sense of well-being, and even improves overall health.

Art for Everyone

Often we find that people feel reluctant to purchase art because they think it requires some sort of expertise. They feel they are at risk of making a foolish purchase, and as a result, they fail to furnish their surroundings properly. However, this attitude is ungrounded. As a general rule, anything that catches your eye, promotes contemplation, or transports you to a different scene ought to be considered good art. Just like the old health adage, “do what makes you feel good,” purchasing art is guided by the same maxim, “buy what you think is beautiful.”

Contemporary Furniture offers options for every aesthetic tastes. Highbrow art critics will not be disappointed by our collection of abstract expressionist paintings, and good old boys from the country will find a wide array of rural paintings that are sure to satisfy—rural paintings meaning pictures of lakes, rivers, mountains, and ect. The important thing is that you hang some art on your wall. A room without it is sure to cause feelings of dread and dreariness. Art operates on the subconscious, so even if you’re not aware of it, art is engaging your senses.  Engaging these senses will no doubt promote a better quality of life


The Coffee Table, an Axis around which Everything Revolves

Contemporary Furniture Liquidator provides a wide array of furniture selections for the good people of Phoenix, Arizona. Contemporary Furniture Liquidator offers living room furniture, bedroom furniture, kids’ furniture, dining rooms options, coffee tables, TV units, Bar and Pub options, stools, rugs, wall décor, wall units, and basically anything you can imagine in the realm of furniture. Customers looking for a coffee table will not be disappointed with the contemporary work we offer.

The coffee table very may be the third most important piece of furniture in the house, only behind the bed and couch. Magazines are placed on the coffee table, it is used as leg support, and conversations revolve around it. Indeed the coffee table is the crown Jewel of the living around, the axis around which everything rotates. To shortchange your living room with a sub-par coffee table would be to short change yourself.

The first known coffee table was created by E.W Godwin, an anarchist philosopher and apparently a carpenter. He distinguished the coffee table from a regular table by its low legs, keeping it close to the ground. The low level nature of the coffee table facilitated a liberal and intimate vibe due to the fact that the surrounding occupant’s entire body was visible. However, it was not until the 19th century that Coffee tables gained widespread popularity. King Louis XVI placed a coffee table in the center of his court, and was fond of inviting several guest over, drinking wine, and enjoying a good nature conversation.

And today the function of the coffee table is the same as it was for King Louis XVI. Families, guests, and strangers crowd around the coffee table and T.V. to enjoy the gift of gab. Essentially, a living room without a coffee table is like a family without a mother—lacking the center.

Taking A Room To New Heights With Accent Chairs

Taking A Room To New Heights With Accent Chairs

There are many ways to enhance an interior space. Adding accent chairs to a living room, dining room, bedroom or other room in the home is one of the best ways to create a unique and dynamic look. Most importantly, accent chairs can be used to sharply contrast existing furniture in an inspiring and inviting way. From modern fabric accent chairs to storage chairs and shaggy chairs as well as ottoman type chairs the possibilities are endless.

Used In The Right Way To Dress Up A Room

Even transitional chairs and a host of other modern and contemporary looking chairs can easily be incorporated into virtually any type of interior space to add zest and appeal in a way that would otherwise not be possible. Beauty and elegance abound when accent chairs are used in the right way to dress up a room. Best of all, homeowners can choose from a wide range of chairs made of various types of material. From wood to plastic and glass as well as leather, the possibilities are unlimited.

Using Existing Pieces Such As Chairs To Enhance An Interior Space

Another important aspect of choosing to work with chairs when trying to enhance an interior space is that they are incredibly affordable as compared to other larger pieces of furniture. In short, using existing pieces such as chairs to enhance an interior space can be a cost-effective way to raise the bar in terms of elegance in virtually any room in the house. Another important aspect of choosing these types of chairs is that they are incredibly functional, comfortable and appealing to the eye.

These Types Of Chairs Are An Excellent Alternative

Homeowners looking for a unique and innovative ways to make a custom statement when it comes to interior design and furniture can stand to gain considerably from accent chairs. With more and more people looking for unique and special ways to dress up a room, these types of chairs are an excellent alternative. Taking a room to new heights is easier than it has ever been the past thanks to the many options available in accent pieces and chairs. These pieces are surprisingly affordable, easy to work with and can easily become the focal point of the room. Contact Contemporary Furniture Liquidators today for Phoenix discount furniture that is beautiful, attractive and affordable.

Why Accent Furniture Is So Important To Interior Appeal

Why Accent Furniture Is So Important To Interior Appeal

Every home is unique and different when it comes to interior design and overall furniture layout. However, one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of furnishing a home properly is including accent furniture. Choosing carefully with regard to accent furniture can make a big difference in how any interior space ultimately looks. Choose carefully in this regard and enjoy an incredibly attractive living room, dining room or bedroom that is beyond compare.

Modern Furniture

From small tables to snack tables and storage ottomans as well as corner stands and other types of unique pieces, accent furniture can play an important role in turning an ordinary or average room into an inviting and unique space. When choosing accent furniture it is important to consider style, color, design and overall look. From modern furniture to contemporary furniture and a wide range of other styles, getting style right when choosing accent furniture is essential to creating the perfect look.

Accent Furniture Can Be Used As A Way To Add A Sharp Contrast

Equally important when planning for accent furniture is in choosing the type of material that the furniture will be made of. This can include everything from metal to plastic. For pieces to fit perfectly with existing furniture they should be of similar style, material and theme. Colors can vary widely because in many instances accent furniture can be used as a way to add a sharp contrast to existing furniture. In short, the possibilities are endless when it comes to working with accent pieces in a typical interior space.

Add A Substantial New Look To A Space

A living room space is particularly inviting and accepting of accent pieces. Ottomans are a popular favorite among those looking to change the entire dynamics of an interior space. One of the best advantages in choosing to work with accent furniture is that it can often add a substantial new look to a space without changing all of the existing furniture. With so much to offer it is clear to see why so many people are turning to accent pieces as a way to enhance any interior space. Take the time to explore this unique option when it comes to interior design for any type of home. Contact Contemporary Furniture Liquidator today for Phoenix discount furniture that is attractive and long lasting.

Enhancing A Room With The Right Kind Of Kids Furniture

Enhancing A Room With The Right Kind Of Kids Furniture

Kids furniture comes in many unique styles, designs and looks. Parents have more options and more choices today than ever before when it comes to appealing children’s furniture that can enhance any interior space beyond compare. From bunk beds with draws to modern twin metal platform beds and a host of other unique pieces, taking a children’s room to an entirely new level of functionality is easy when choosing the right kind of furniture.

Creating The Perfect Space For A Child

Bunk beds are incredibly useful in gaining much needed space in what would otherwise be a small child’s room. Best of all, many modern bunk beds come with integral storage making these pieces even more functional. Beds and other types of furniture for children’s rooms can be made of metal, wood and plastic as well as other materials. They come in various styles, colors and designs giving parents wide flexibility when it comes to creating the perfect space for a child.

Become Incredibly Attractive Interior Space

Most importantly, children’s furniture should be durable, resistant to marking and safe. Considering all these factors, parents can usually choose the right kind of furniture to create the perfect interior space for children of almost any age. When unique furniture for a child’s room is combined with accent pieces, wall coverings and the right type of window treatment, an ordinary kids room can become an incredibly attractive interior space. With so many options available today when it comes to this kind of furniture it is easy to see why parents are taking the time to create unique interior spaces for children.

Evolved Over The Years And Become Increasingly Functional

Another great way to get the most out of decorating a child’s room is to involve the children in the decorating process. Giving children the opportunity to choose the style of furniture that they like the most and then building around that furniture can be a fun and inviting project for any parent. Children’s furniture has changed and evolved over the years and become increasingly functional, safer and more affordable than it ever was in the past. Consider these simple concepts when planning to decorate your child’s bedroom. Contact Contemporary Furniture Liquidator today for Phoenix discount furniture that is attractive, affordable and long lasting.

Tips And Tricks For Taking You Room To The Next Level

Tips And Tricks For Taking You Room To The Next Level

While there are many options available to homeowners when it comes to taking a room to the next level, one option in particular has grown in popularity in recent years. This is the idea of installing a bar or pub set into an existing interior space. This is an excellent opportunity to add appeal when it comes to entertaining in a home of virtually any size. These sets come in a wide variety of materials and are attractive and affordable.

Existing Furniture Arrangement

With glass sets to wood sets and plastic sets as well as sets that make use of leather, the possibilities are endless when choosing to install a bar or pub set in a home. Those who enjoy entertaining on a regular basis will find these sets incredibly functional, eye appealing and well suited for virtually any type of existing furniture arrangement. From modern furniture to contemporary furniture and a host of other styles, a bar or pub set can fit perfectly.

Just The Right Amount Of Appeal

In many instances a five-piece pub set will set off an interior space with just the right amount of appeal. With so much to offer it is clear to see why a growing number of people are turning to this type of furniture accessory as a way to enhance their home. Best of all, modern bar and pub sets are surprisingly affordable and easy to integrate into any type of interior design arrangement. From simple gatherings to more elaborate events, this type of furniture is well suited to making entertaining easy, convenient and fun.

Entertaining Neighbors And Even Conducting Small Business Meetings

Along with bar sets and pub sets, homeowners can incorporate a wide range of other types of accent furniture, wall units and dining room sets as well as coffee tables into a home to create the perfect welcoming environment. From entertaining family members to entertaining neighbors and even conducting small business meetings, having the right type of furniture in a home can make a big difference in how it is perceived. Take the time to explore these simple tips and tricks for taking a room to the next level. Contact Contemporary Furniture Liquidator today, a company that has no fancy showrooms but plenty of fancy furniture. Phoenix discount furniture is just a call or click away.