The Virtue of Hanging Wall Art

It has been said that the depth and complexity of art will enrich the life of the owner. Indeed a fundamental principle of aesthetics is that art tends to enhance reflection in an individual, and it promotes a love for beauty. The great thinker Aristotle has even claimed that art engages the senses constantly and appreciating it is fundamental to one’s own sense of humanity. Then why is that everyone turns their cheek when the topic of art is mentioned? Maybe it’s because art lovers are now stereotypes and everyone thinks they are pretentious snobs. Regardless whether or not this claim holds any veracity, art is for everyone.

Choosing the Right Painting or Work of Art

People are sometimes reluctant to purchase art because they are afraid their taste will be met with disapprobation or they are afraid that purchasing art requires expertise. This is no doubt false. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. If there is a particular work of art that sparks the senses, catches your eye, or promotes contemplation, then you ought to consider that piece good art, and thus, a contender for your purchase. Buy what you think is beautiful.

Modern Furniture

Contemporary furniture offers a variety of options for all sorts of aesthetic tastes. We offer modern sleek furniture to help match your favorite painting. So come on by, our sales team has knack for interior design and will help you select that perfect piece of furniture for your home.

When Windows and Interior Design Intersect

Obviously, you can’t just leave your windows uncovered. That would make your house naked. Anyone could just walk by and observe your private life as they wished. But when it comes time to cover your windows, it is best that there are veiled by the right shutters. As always, interior design requires attention to detail, awareness of your surroundings, and at least some aesthetic inclination.

When to Buy Sun Shades

Sunshades are actually the oldest known apparatus for blind and shutter technology. The benefit is that they look outstanding and are extremely durable, but the downside is that they are an all or nothing screen. Transparency cannot be adjusted like their non-shade counterparts. Those who want a modern feel to their home, and don’t mind managing their natural light on an all or nothing basis should seriously consider sun shades.

Wood Shades

These give the home natural look. If you already have flagstone tiles, indoor plants, and wide open spaces, wooden shades are a great option. The only problem is that they offer almost no insulation, and thus, they do little to conserve energy.

Standard Honeycomb Shades

This is the vanilla flavor of blind and shade world. Essentially, you can’t go wrong by adorning your home’s windows with honeycomb window shades. They will block light from permeating your windows while at the same time keeping you home cool and protected.

Choosing the Proper Dining Room Chairs

Couples, bachelors, or anyone moving to a new domicile may need to purchase new kitchen furniture sometime in the near future. For those interested in choosing the right kitchen chairs, stools, or barstools ought to head the advice below.

Design is Everything

Take a look around your kitchen and assess its strengths and weaknesses, its layout, the amount of space, and the overall design. Take for instance a white kitchen. The overall design of your kitchen would best be facilitated by some sort of sleek metallic stool with black leather. It’s all relative to the overall design of the kitchen.

Space and Layout

This is perhaps the most important factor when selecting dining room chairs. If your kitchen is equipped with a large island, then you might want to consider wide backed, high standing, bar stools. If you have no island, and you are just looking for some chairs to go along with your kitchen table, you may want something sleek, light, and suave.

Come on By Today

If you are having trouble selecting the right furniture for your home, then our experienced sales professionals would be glad to help. All of them are well versed in the latest contemporary furniture fashion, and have a knack for interior design as well.

Finding the Sofa for your Living Room

When it comes to furniture, everyone has tough decisions to make. But usually the old maxim “the man doesn’t choose the career the career chooses the man applies.” So it the same when selecting a sofa. Often times the person walks into our furniture store and a connection between the sofa and the person is immediately established.

Lifestyle Clues

We tell our sales rep to assess the client before suggesting any furniture. Often times life style clues reveal what furniture should be purchased. For instance, single people tend to gravitate towards suave leather coaches whereas married couples and families look for wide, large couches to accommodate the family members. But also, daily patterns are important. If you are someone who enjoys movie nights, then having a large pillow sofa may be idea.

Building Around What’s There

A good designer doesn’t try and fit a square peg into a round hole. One ought to assess the home first, and determine what the central features are. Maybe there’s a large window in the middle of the room that gives your home a modern feel. Well than, you might want a nice white couch to bring light and space into the home, a staple of modern and postmodern design.

Room Size and Budge

Of course, you want to make sure that your home can fit the house of your dreams. You wouldn’t want to start you family on 10/hr and you don’t want to buy your dream couch if your living in a one bedroom shack. Regardless, everyone ought to assess their own individuals needs and take things from there.

Kitchen Design 101

At Contemporary Furniture we offer the latest and greatest in contemporary design. This includes living room furniture, bedroom furniture, and kitchen furniture. The latter includes stools, tables, and pictures to bring out the best en la cocina. Although all our sales reps are designers on the side, and are more than equipped to assist you with design, we encourage all out customers to enjoy the thrill of embarking on an interior design project. Below are a few tips to help you out.

Modern Monochromatic Design

Decorating your home with one color scheme is all the rage in modern design. Sleek blacks and grays, whites and blacks, or greys and white are hip. The idea of modern design is make things look suave without being flamboyant. Indeed, our culture waived goodbye to the 80’s quite some time ago.


Although we do not sell cabinets, they should help determine what kitchen furniture you purchase. For instance, if you have white cabinets, you may want to consider sleek metallic barstools to bring out the beaming glow of a pristine white kitchen. What’s more, white cabinets accompanied by a glass table with sleek metallic chairs will create the illusion of space.

Kitchen Table

Consider the kitchen table the axis around which the rest of the kitchen revolves. If you’re looking for a modern design—which we assume you do—then you want glass. Indeed, the old homey, roomie look of wood tables, plastic plants, and knickknacks galore is all but gone. Minimalism, functionalism, and utilitarian design is here to stay. The idea is every piece of furniture works in harmony with the curvature of your walls, the color of your furniture, and the position of your windows. If you don’t get it then come by the store and one of our sales reps will help you accomplish a modern design.

Tips for Remodeling the Office Modern Style

Purchasing modern furniture for the office can be a useful investment for impressing clients and improving company moral. Modern styling is all about looking suave and sleek without overdoing it. Indeed, the flamboyancy of the 80’s is over and people are looking for a modern, functional, minimalistic feel.

Color is Key

Understanding the fundamentals of modern design and color is simple. Basically, you want to keep all your colors consistent. What’s more, simple colors like grey, black, and white are perfect for maximizing style and aesthetic appeal. Also, consider matching the wall color to furniture color.

Functionalism is Everything

A well designed office is similar to a winning chess board. Everything is working together, moving towards a common goal. Your furniture, hardware, electronics, windows, walls, and even wallpaper should all be consistent. Style gives off the impression of competence, and competence leads to customer trust.

No Clutter Ever

Clutter is the antithesis to modern design. Less is more when it comes hitting the clubs, and so it is the same when it comes to modern design. You want your newly redecorated office to feel wide open and free.

Consult a Pro when in Doubt

If you are in need of some design tips all of our sales reps also have a fine tune sense of style and interior design. Reach out to us at Contemporary Furniture Liquidators and let us help you redecorate your office today.

Creating a Modern Home Theater

Sometimes, the most satisfying thing in life is shacking up with your significant other with a nice bottle of wine, a good movie, and a fabulous feature flick. Of course, this is more enjoyable while staying in rather than going out. At Contemporary Furniture Liquidators we are glad to share a few tips with you for facilitating a fine evening at home.

A Sweet Super-Sized Sectional

A super-sized sectional is essential for setting the mood for a romantic night in with your lover. When it comes to couches for home theaters, comfort is the most important virtue to seek out. Bigger is better and certainly the name of the game when it comes to sectionals. Also, reclining features are important for facilitating a proper home theater experience.

Coffee Table Innovation

Now most people don’t think of coffee tables when it comes to home theaters. But, recent innovations in coffee table designs make lift-top coffee tables a top choice. Basically, a lift top coffee table offers the unique advantage of a folding tray that moves upwards when it comes time for dinner. You and your sweetheart can dine in peace, and enjoy each other’s company. Just make sure you don’t spill on your sweet super-sized sectional—that would be bad.

Entertainment Center

And finally the most important component of the home theater trifecta. The entertainment center must surpass the size of the super-sized sectional in order to create the home theater appeal. Indeed, it centers the entire room. You will want to purchase a home entertainment center with enough space to house the hardware associated with a home theater, and one that matches the color and overall all design of the theater. If you can adhere to these simple guidelines, then viola, you are one step closer to creating the perfect home theater.

Decorating Post-Modern Style

Modern furniture is in align with modern design and architecture. Usually, architectural style and design reflects the culture that created it. Modernism has its genesis in the emphasis we place on functionality, minimalism, and utility. The later means maximizing the efficiency of every component involved in a whole. In other words, everything has a purpose. Functionality and minimalism are similar. They deal with wasting nothing and making sure every element has a purpose. Below are a few tips for facilitating post-modern design.

White Space on the Walls

The beauty of modern design is that the absence of space can be utilized for aesthetic appeal. So for instance, when decorating a home, what you leave out is as important as what you add. Spaces between pictures can maximize the beauty of the pictures themselves. Perhaps you leave an entire wall blank because it has windows overlooking the city. This will create the appearance that the windows, and what they overlook are pieces of art.

Choosing the Correct Furniture

Choosing the right furniture involves working with the rest of your home. You want the sleek, bends and angles of your furniture to blend into the contours and edges of your domicile. For instance, a square coffee table would require a boxed, angular couch. Perhaps you have a unique oval coffee table. You might want to accompany that table with a unique T shaped couch that has a built in foot stool laying low to the ground to bring about the unconventional design of your house.


This is the simplest concept to grasp when trying to decorate post-modern style. Basically, you want to keep colors consistent and avoid bright vibrant colors. Sleek greys, luminous whites, and dark blacks are the favorites of most modern designers. But if you need any help decorating your home, stop on by contemporary furniture and one of our sales reps can assist you with your decorating needs.

Spring Style Bedroom

It’s that time of year again, the birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and people are revivified by the promise of spring. While you’re planning your spring cleaning tactics, you should also consider remodeling your bedroom, in order to bring a bit of light into your world.

Spring style designing helps facilitate the feeling of youth. Your interior design should reflect the exterior. Meaning, you want your room to look like spring. Bright colors such as light blue, and sandy brown help create the illusion that one is outside amidst the warm spring sun.

You should also consider furniture that highlights the virtues of spring. We offer flower styled chairs, lily striped bed spreads, and butterfly pillows. Also consider lighting options that include pink styled foundations, and colorful lamp patterns. Your home décor and interior design should encourage you to spend all your time outside time, ironically.

You should also consider rug choices when redecorating a room with the invigorating thought of youth in mind. A rug can be the perfect way to frame your bed and add to the ambience of the room. A nice bright green rug will surely bring to mind the rolling green hills of spring. Maybe try a rug with a few flowers sewn into it. This also calls to mind images of spring. Lastly, consider an all blue rug with lily pads on it. Nothing says spring like a good old reminder of the pond you captured frogs at when you were young.

But in order to take a comprehensive approach to design, all the olfactory senses ought to be engaged. The olfactory senses are usually neglected. Try to bring a bit of that summer rain scent into your room, or perhaps ocean mist. Regardless, spring design should remind you of the joy and energy the season of spring brings to all.

Small Kitchen Design

At Contemporary Furniture Liquidator, we offer a wide array of furniture for remodeling your kitchen. Installing suspended lightning, utilizing innovative bar stools, and creating an environment in which one can dine is our highest hope. Below are a few things to spark the creative juices while remodeling your kitchen.

White Cabinets

Although cabinets are technically not considered furniture, it is wise to consider remodeling them in order to accentuate the interior design of the kitchen. White cabinets are an excellent choice because they bring more light into the room, and create the illusion of space. Moreover, white cabinets create the perfect opportunity to employ posh barstools and illustrious dining room tables.

Monochromatic Designs

If you are attempting to appear sleek, or post-modern, a monochromatic design is an excellent way to accomplish this goal. Try painting the walls and the cabinets the same color in varying degrees of shading. If it is done correctly, it will be almost appear as if the same color is an entirely different one. Moreover, monochromatic designs create a futuristic, innovative feel. A great way to impress dinner guests.

Bar Stools

With the exception of the kitchen table, the bar stool is perhaps the single most important component to the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. Bar stools come in a myriad of styles, shapes, sizes, and designs. It’s important to match up the bar stool to the rest of the kitchen. Try to create a theme or pattern that is clearly apparent in your kitchen design

Kitchen Table

A kitchen table relates to your kitchen like shoes do to your outfit. It is the most important part. When selecting a dining room table think about how it frames the rest of the kitchen. For instance, if you are trying for a postmodern appeal, then a glass, sleek table is ideal. Attempt to accentuate the theme of your kitchen and bring out the best in it.